• Soul Circus – Victor Wooten

  • Release Date: April 12, 2005

    1. Intro: Adam 0:09
    2. Victa 4:54
    3. Bass Tribute 5:11
    4. Prayer 5:47
    5. Natives 4:00
    6. Can't Hide Love 4:36
    7. Stay 4:56
    8. On and On 4:52
    9. Cell Phone 4:22
    10. Back To India 4:31
    11. Soul Circus 4:29
    12. Higher Law 4:34
    13. Take U There 0:28
    14. Ari's Eyes 4:59
    15. Outro: Kids 0:08
    16. Bass Tribute (Reprise) 2:24




    Victor Wooten: bass guitar, tenor bass, drum programming, keys, vocals, background vocals, electronic drums, sitar Bass, double bass, drums, production
    Steve Bailey: bass, vocals, fretless bass, acoustic bass
    Will Lee: bass, vocals
    J.D. Blair: drums
    Dennis Chambers: drums
    Raymond Massey: drums, snare drum
    Bill Miller: flute, shaker, frame drum
    T.H. Subash Chandran: ghatam, konnakol, vocal percussion, jaw harp, moorsing
    Jeff Coffin: saxophone
    Shawn "Thunder" Wallace: saxophone
    Rod McGaha: trumpet
    Barry Green: trombone
    Count Bass D: rap
    Future Man: keyboards, vocals, voices
    K. B. Ganesh Kumar: kanjira
    Howard Levy: harmonica, Speech-vocals, rap
    T. M. Stevens: bass, vocals
    Kurt Storey: voices
    Holly Wooten: background vocals
    Bill Miller: vocals
    Regi Wooten: guitar, nylon-string guitar
    Roy Wooten: cajón, box
    Vocals: Alvin Chea, Oteil Burbridge, Bootsy Collins, John Cowan, Bill Dickens, Gary Grainger, Kit Leblanc, Christian McBride, Saundra Williams, Rhonda Smith, and Kaila Wooten
    Produced by Victor L. Wooten
    Mastered At The Lodge, New York. Engineered by Robert Battaglia. Mastered By Emily Lazar at The Lodge in NYC. Recorded  and mixed By Kurt Storey at VixMix Studios in Nashville, TN.